Make Your Home More Elegant And Vintage With Wood Wall Art

wood wall art

Do you want to add an accent and highlight the wall in your room? Why not find a little outside the box instead of going to the paint store to acquire bright red or yellow paint to add some 'pop' to your wall? Therefore, finding a wooden wall décor brings rustic depth, texture, and warmth into your home rather than the typical one. Wooden wall decors add a distinct touch to every room. 

Walls with many hanging decor items from different materials are a terrific decoration project that you and a family member or two can complete in a bit of time, regardless of your taste. You need to choose the right wood products you want to buy and hang them in the right place in your space. You will enjoy beautiful moments in your home.

You'll appreciate the difference a wood wall art makes in your room far more than a bucket of paint ever could. Take a look at these wood wall arts that are sure to inspire!

1. Furniture Set of Wooden Wall Art

Wood wall hangings with a modern, original, and professionally produced pattern will increase the value of your property. Wood wall art comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate any room. Besides, the wood wall plaques will come with all necessary hanging hardware. As a result, completing your wall decor process will take a short amount of time. Furthermore, wooden wall pieces are almost entirely composed of recycled wood items and produced in the United States by skilled artisans.

natural wood wall decor

2. Wooden world map hanging decor

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or enjoy seeing the world through maps, the wooden world map is a must-have decorative item in your home. Hanging this map in the bedroom or dining room will create a unique feature for your home. Natural wood wall decor makes it possible to see the beautiful world every day.

wood art wall decor
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Set 6 of Vintage Bohemian Basket Wall

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Set 5 of Decorative Trendy Home Decor

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Set of 3 Farmhouse Wall Basket Decor

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Set 3 of Seagrass Woven Wall Decor


3. Birch & Buffalo Brixon Geometric Wall Decorations

One of the most adaptable and best-selling items is the Brixon framed wall art. This one-of-a-kind sculpture goes well with various décor styles, including western, Scandinavian, rustic, and boho. It's distinctive; the nearly basic form offers a modern and rustic look, allowing it to work in any setting. Each design is crafted from the best materials to create pieces that are attractive and long-lasting. Wall art décor is handcrafted by real artisans using authentic oak wood for a distinctive and gorgeous style. You can be confident that wood wall decor for the living room will complete the look wherever you put it.

wooden wall decor

4. Wood wall decor baskets

This wood basket wall decor is ideal for your living space, mainly if you prefer the bohemian room decor style. The wood wall decor will add a nice, creative touch to your area with its eye-catching pattern. The main element is natural wood, which is exceptionally sturdy and does not irritate the skin. You may also use wood art wall decor as a coffee table centerpiece. Several designs to pick from, allowing you to mix and combine according to your preferences. Wall décor baskets can also be used as a tray to keep fruits and vegetables and personal items like keys, ornaments, and other accessories. It will make the whole space more orderly while also appealing.

Not only that, but this woven basket is also a great present option for Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and the New Year.

wood wall decor


Wood is considered a precious material to decorate your walls and home. Natural wood wall decor made from raw material always has a long life and is very durable. They add warmth and homeliness to your home.

In addition to being used for decoration, the wall baskets also have the purpose of storing objects. You can use handmade baskets to hold items like books, cosmetic bottles, or kitchen utensils. Wooden wall baskets are usually very durable and easy to clean, so they are very convenient. Wooden baskets also create a vintage and beautiful look for your home.

That’s a great idea. Wooden items will help the plain wall become beautiful, warm, and elegant. They are the perfect gifts to give to relatives and friends on special occasions like Birthdays. In addition, you can use them as gifts for other special events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Housewarming, or Valentine’s.

Buying Guides

Wooden wall decor not only creates accents in your home, but they are also straightforward to install. Nowadays, there are many wooden ornaments produced. Therefore, you should clearly understand your purpose and need to find the items that best suit your wall and your home. Let's start with the simplest things. With a few simple items and careful planning, you can make your wood walls. It's a good idea to lay out your wood accent wall before you start.

Many places manufacture and sell wooden wall decoration items today. We recommend stores like Kirkland's or Target, where you can find great things to make your home stand out. If you are impressed with the unique wall decoration baskets, please visit our ChicnChill website. Our shop sells crafts made baskets, which have been made in Vietnam. However, if neither of these addresses has what you're looking for, you can go to Amazon and Etsy.


It's not always easy to make wall art stand out. Every home has seen a monochromatic poster, printed canvas photograph, or badly-drawn figure, all of which are mass-produced unless you have a lot of money. Why not use different media to decorate your walls? Wood wall art finds it brings the rustic into your home rather than the typical. 

Furthermore, you can find a lot of comfort when trying a few other wall decoration materials, including metal wall art, gold wall decor, iron wall decor, and rattan wall decor. They're ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, children's rooms, and even the main living area. Wooden wall decor brings an unexpected element to a space where you couldn't find the right fit. In addition, the wood promotes warmth, nature, and textile that all rooms can relate to. 

Have an excellent time viewing and shopping for wood wall art. If you would like to find out any more information, please contact us.

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