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Wicker wall decor baskets are all time favorite go-to items and can be used throughout the house. No matter what types of natural materials are used to create wicker baskets, they’re awesome for decorative storage, and so versatile with many styles to choose from like: boho, farmhouse, African,.... The writing below will help you to learn more about wicker wall baskets and creative decorating ideas using them in your home.

Boho farmhouse wall baskets
Boho farmhouse wall baskets

1. What is a wicker wall basket?

Wicker is the term for any piece of woven furniture. The name wicker refers to the way in which the baskets are hand woven together and natural materials are used to create the weave. In between the weave, air can still flow through the baskets, keeping any items stored in them, as fresh as possible.

There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes of wicker wall baskets available now, that they have become one of the top go to picks for home decor and interior decorators.

2. What is a wicker basket made from?

The natural material commonly used for indoor wicker items is rattan. Bamboo, willow and reed can also be used.

How are they made? Wicker baskets are made by weaving organic reed, cane, grass, branches, roots or man-made products into containers used for storing, carrying or displaying things. Their uses are in fact endless. They can be large or small, have handles, open tops or lids, be hung on a wall or sit on a table or the ground. Wicker baskets come in many shapes and sizes. It's easy to find the ones that fit your decorating style as well as storage needs.

3. Creative decorating ideas using wicker baskets 

3.1 Bookcase wicker wall baskets

Wicker Baskets In The Bookcase
Wicker Baskets In The Bookcase

You actually can use square wicker baskets at the bottom of the TV built-ins to hide and store cable boxes and wires! You can organize your bookcase with wicker baskets in different shapes and styles. Square shaped ones are always a great option, but you can even try propping up a round wicker tray against the back wall to add shape and dimension to your bookcase décor.

3.2 Pantry wicker wall baskets

Wicker Baskets In Pantry
Wicker Baskets In Pantry

We’re pretty sure that wicker baskets are one of the top items people use when they re-organize their pantries! They are perfect for storing canned goods, snacks, vegetables, paper towels etc. Its purpose in the pantry is honestly endless. A lot more ideas to utilize the super power of these cute baskets are suggested here.

3.3 Wicker wall baskets in the bathroom

Wicker Basket In The Bathroom
Wicker Basket In The Bathroom

This storage basket is a fantastic way to store items and keep them easy to access. The free-shape design gives you more options: use the round handle to carry in one hand or two or hang it on the wall. The deep, wide basket can be used for storing flowers, clothes, files, or anything else that needs a home. Plus, it's easy to clean with just a dry cloth. This is a great addition to your bathroom or bedroom/study room, or any other place you need to spruce up.

3.4 Wicker wall baskets in the living room

Wall hanging storage baskets look great in every indoor setting
Wall hanging storage baskets look great in every indoor setting

This wicker wall basket décor is an exquisite center piece to any tabletop or as eye-catching wall decor. A must have for every home decor enthusiast or someone looking to give a great personalized gift for birthday or weddings. You can also pair with other wall paintings or baskets to make your living room charming!

4. Conclusion

After looking at the inspiration pictures, we hope that helps spark a little creativity and maybe gives you an idea or two for how you can use wicker wall baskets in your own home. The possibilities really are endless! If you are wondering where you can find them! You can always check our Chicnchill website, Etsy Shop or Amazon Store.


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